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Dear Reader,

Binibini # 38
“Binibining Pilipinas Pageant”

I would like to welcome you to my website. It is where I get to share my life and express my thoughts. After competing in one of the most prestigious pageants in my country and landing a spot as a semi-finalist, I felt the need to continue my purpose for wanting to join in the first place; to reach out to people and share the good things I learn in life.

I love learning a little bit of everything. Discovering new styles and design, traveling, and exploring different cafes are one of the few things that put color into my life. It’s when I discover things about myself and our surroundings – I become more and more enlightened about life. Writing has become my outlet and form of reflection towards different aspects of life and personal growth. It came to me as a realization that creative envision, while having the ability to transform great thoughts into words, can be a powerful tool in making a difference-just as reading made such influence in my life.

I hope to encourage people to continuously strive to discover new things about themselves and our surroundings every day. Let us find inspiration in little things and find passion, happiness, & moral lessons in every chapter of life. There truly is magic in following the direction of the heart, mind, and soul altogether.

“Great dreamer’s dreams are never fulfilled, they are always transcended”
                 – Alfred Lord Whitehead

My Story (So far)….

I am the third of six siblingsand I would proudly call myself a family oriented person. Growing up, I always had a curious eye for beauty, art, & design— which inspired me to pursue related careers. If I were asked if I chose to be a “master of one” or a “jack of all trades”, I would consider the latter. Here is why;

My grandmother would often ask me this question during my younger years, “What do you want to be 10 years from now?” — As a child, I always found this question mentally challenging for I was on a path of knowing myself and just enjoying the present moment. I guess deep inside, I always felt that there was more to life than choosing a specific career. One thing’s for sure, I knew I wanted to be like the people who inspire me— I wanted to do what makes me happy and be essential at the same time, and eventually, inspire others the same way I have been inspired.

Growing up, I loved to sketch, learn instruments, act, dance, and sing. I had a lively childhood as I was always active in different activities until my secondary education. I would not stick to doing one thing, I found my own fulfillment in just trying almost everything and juggling it all together. It’s only later in my life I discovered that I was adventurous in a way that I wanted to test the possibilities of my life. Interior Design became my choice of college degree for I felt a deep appreciation for art, design and human activity. I was 20 years old when I took my first job wherein I got to design residential and commercial spaces for a construction company. Besides having experienced a regular job at the beginning of my 20’s, I had the opportunity to gain exposure through few modeling jobs such as print and commercials. As temporarily moving out of my home country made me experience a life of independence, it opened my eyes to different realities. I immersed myself into different cultures, and I started to develop a love for traveling.

I grew up in a small city. I spent a lot of time in a coffee shop as this has been the nature of our family business. A peaceful and self-contemplating moment for me is reading while sipping either coffee or tea in a beautifully designed cafe.It would probably explain why I’m passionate about it. When I moved back to the Philippines I decided to help our family business grow. Coffee shops became an inspiration and idea for me to combine my passion and skills. I decided to pursue it and learn alongside my mom as my mentor and together we designed and conceptualized the expansion of our coffee shop which has turned into a meaningful venture that goes beyond its profit. Soon after, I decided to prepare to compete in the National pageant competition of Binibining Pilipinas, and all became history leading me to this point of making my own website.

Join me in my journey where I continuously dream and discover new things in my life. What have you discovered recently? I would love to know your thoughts. Click the link below to send me an Email.

All the love & happiness,
Patrik (My Nickname)

Rovinare by Jose Karlos Coffee
“A cafe inspired from Typhoon Haiyan”

Skogafoss, Iceland

Horses, North of the world

Beautiful Norway

Styling for Miss Tacloban 2017, Outfit by Paulette Leigh