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A Journey to Self-Discovery

written by Ana Patricia August 25, 2017

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully.”- Kristen Butler
Sunset in Iceland

“Life is a never ending process of learning.” This is what my high-school literature professor told us in one of our class discussions. I never once forgot that awakening moment as I put into heart the specific words said. It became a beginning of myself to feel a deeper understanding of our existence.

“In the middle of nowhere where everything still seems beautiful.”-Patrik
Location: Iceland


Seven years ago, I was young, curious and ready to test the possibilities of my life. I was active in different activities and I remember how it made me thrive to figure out the things I’m capable of. Looking back, I may not have been the most outstanding in a specific skill, but because I found interest in doing what I allowed myself to be involved in, I was determined enough to learn and better myself at every point. As long as I know I was giving my best, I was a happy teen. Seven years after, I realize that whatever it is we do in our lives, what is most important is that we always give our 100%.

To me, giving a hundred percent means directing all of our energy to what is present. In the kind of life we live now, we are surrounded by negativity. It becomes a common habit to hinder ourselves and others for the many reasons that we have. Instead of opening up our minds, living the moment, uplifting our well being, we sometimes choose to become victims of adversity. Not many people know, that feeling victimized, is always a choice and overcoming adversity can be the most rewarding experience.

Every time that we allow ourselves to be positive and motivated, the power of what we can do becomes limitless. Most of life’s greatest lessons come from struggles and hardships. Medalist holders, champion athletes, world-renowned artists don’t become what they are just because they are gifted, they are what they have become because they do not set boundaries to what they think they are capable of doing. Champions do not allow themselves to be clouded by doubt, instead, they harness the raw talent they possess and grow to discover new things about their abilities. We have to grow, growing means making the most of all our experiences- that whether we fail or achieve what we are able to, the new things we learn along the way will add up to what we presently know. I read that knowledge is potential power, but for it to be manifested it has to be applied. When we do that, we become better than our best yesterday.

All throughout the years that have passed, I began to view life in a larger scheme. My mistakes, failures, heartbreaks and difficult challenges I now view as opportunities rather than setbacks. I start to embrace life for what it is. I learn to live the present moment and not over think the future. Most of all, I continually learn to deepen my trust with the man above us. What my literature professor said opened my eyes to one of the greatest lessons I ever learned in my life… That life is and will always be a never ending journey of self -discovery.

“One of the most beautiful places on earth, I believe. “-Patrik
Location: Iceland

“Life is like a rainbow, you need both the rain and the sun to make the colors appear.”
Location: Iceland

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. “-Maya Angelou
Location: Iceland



Photography: Ana Patricia Asturias
Location: Iceland