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The Perfect Style

written by Ana Patricia August 25, 2017

When you dress up in the morning, do you ever ask yourself if you like the outfit you’re wearing? I believe that there’s a psychology behind everything we choose to do, and that includes how we want to style ourselves at a certain day.

The word “style” is very broad that I see its definition as evolving. The beauty of the word is that it can also be about culture, artistry, and passion. As time passes by, our increased exposure to these develops our taste and sense of style. Sometimes we even create our own style. I wouldn’t say that I have one specific style because as I constantly change, my choice of style changes as well.

Perfect Style for me is one that always comes with comfort. To carry yourself well is to feel good inside and to have confidence with how you look. Our style is most often a perception of our personality. How we choose to look is a matter of how we want to be perceived. To be authentic, how we are inside should reflect the outside. I learned that the first step to knowing how to style yourself is to know who you are, and what you stand for. The best style is the style that reflects the best of your personality.

Growing up, my mother taught me to dress elegantly but back then, I had always wondered if elegance meant styling yourself in a conservative manner or having a touch of class and richness. As I pondered what it really meant to bring oneself with elegance, I realized it’s not about wearing expensive clothes, following the trend nor looking fancy and rich. It is about getting out of your home knowing that you are properly dressed up for the occasion. “Not too much, not too less”,  just comfortably right. I started to believe that true elegance is about influence and learning to style every aspect of your life with meaning.

What I would like to share is the elegance of Influencing others. Style is not only about dressing up, it’s about how you live your life. Wouldn’t it feel good to live a life of quality that you are also able to influence others to live the same way? When you shop for yourself, for your home, or for others, what do you consider? More than being conscious of the price, the brand and the trend, I think it’s always better to think about its form, quality, origin and sentimental value. When you choose to style yourself, it’s always fulfilling to know and share with others the great and purposeful meaning behind it.

A personal advice of mine is when you think about styling, whether it’s dressing up simply or extravagantly, don’t forget to remind yourself of who you are (1), how you want to be perceived (2), and how you want to influence(3). Find balance among the three, I believe you’ll be able to style yourself perfectly.

Have a great day!

Photography: Alexander Loterena
Styling: Ana Patricia Asturias
Outfits: Paulette Leigh